What We Do
OpenBytes is committed to establishing licenses, fostering the standardization of data governance, and expanding open dataset resources. We believe the Association will hugely benefit the global AI community
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Establishing licenses specific for open datasets will optimize time and resources on AI research
Current Challenge
No License
Publishers: They can’t find proper licenses to protect their interests and express their requirements appropriately
Users: They don’t know where to find licenses and how to use datasets legally, which may reduce the dataset utilization rate
Custom License
Publishers: For the lack of a proper license, publishers have to establish custom licenses that require lots of time and resources
Users: It is time-consuming to learn numerous licenses customized for each dataset
License Not For Open Dataset
Publishers: Using a license not specific for open datasets cannot best represent their requirements and fully protect their rights, for those licenses might have controversies or loopholes
Users: Terms in varieties of licenses not specific to open datasets may confuse users
Benefits of Having Specific Licenses
For Dataset Publishers
With specific terms and requirements, publishers don't have to squander too much time and resources on consulting legal experts or worrying about their rights not being protected
For Dataset Users
Terms specific to open datasets can help users understand requirements from dataset publishers. Users can spend more valuable time on research instead of legal documents
For AI Community
The utilization rate of open datasets will increase as more of them are available and easier to use from a legal perspective, which can accelerate AI development
Setting proper standards will encourage the wider use of open datasets and explore more possibilities of AI
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A sustainable framework for establishing and maintaining standards
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Agility & Specialization
Illuminating insights to satisfy changing needs of users on open datasets with agility and expertise
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Experts from industry, academia, and community will work on dataset standards together to guarantee the credibility
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Simple Machanism
Users can promptly find standards and licenses on the Foundation website
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The Foundation is neutral on promoting the use of open dataset standards
Providing collective resources such as funding, professional services and technical support.
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Technical contributions
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Aimed at specific activities, projects or programs
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Donating open datasets
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Contributing documentation resource and more
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Underwriting conference attendees’ expenses
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Providing legal services
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Funding project hackathons or competitions