Inspire AI Innovation with Open Datasets
We are a non-profit open data project hosted under the Linux Foundation with neutral governance, aiming to bring transformational changes to AI by making open datasets more available and accessible.
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What We Do
The mission of the OpenBytes Project is to facilitate wider sharing of, and collaboration with, data in the AI community through the creation of data standards and formats and enabling contributions of data.
We will establish a suite of licenses specific to open datasets that address problems of copyright and distribution, reducing contributors’ liability risks.
We will formulate open dataset standards that specify and require how datasets should be published, shared and exchanged.
We will collect the communities’ efforts to provide funding, professional services, and technical supports with dataset participants.
How We Run
We will operate in a transparent, open, collaborative, and ethical manner at all times. The project is mutually oversighted by the Linux Foundation, and the OpenBytes Technical Steering Committee.
Governing Structure
Maximize equality among voices and representations with open governance
Linux Foundation
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Helps to provide management and oversight of the business operations and affairs
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Provides access to governing, technical and marketing support, collaboration with upstream projects
OpenBytes Technical Steering Committee
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Constituted by reprentatives from academia, project contributors and developer community
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Determines the technical direction of all projects and provide technical guidance
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How to Contribute
We can’t achieve our goals on our own. We would like to work together with academia and business globally to provide more resources, such as funding, community support and training resources to the whole AI community.
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More Open Datasets
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Marketing of Standards and Licenses
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Offset the Legal Expense
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Accelerate AI Research and Innovation
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Fund Community Events
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Underwrite Expense around Standards